Think back to your first day of Junior High. Chances are if your school was anything like mine, you had some of your old friends from elementary school there, but also a whole bunch of new faces from other schools too. You might also remember a time where you didn’t have any of your close […]

What Results Really Look Like

Close your eyes. Wait, you’ll have to open them to finish reading this, but you get the idea. Have you ever sat and thought what it would look like, I mean what it would REALLY look like, if you achieved the results that you wanted? I had a phone call yesterday with a new lady, […]

What You’re Missing At FITCAMP!

Have you ever had a friend try to get you to listen to a certain singer or song? You know, it’s one that you’ve heard before, or really, ‘thought’ you heard before? And then you actually get to listen to the new song they’re talking about! BAM – all the sudden it’s your FAVORITE SONG […]

Should I sign up for the CrossFit Open this year?

Have you been asking yourself “Should I sign up for the CrossFit Open this year?” Telling yourself “I’m not gonna win so why should I pay $20. I can just do the workouts and see where I finished by looking at the leaderboard.” First, if you are tell yourself your not gonna do well so why do […]