Barbell Olympic Lifting

Thinking through the Thruster

THE THRUSTER The thruster is an Olympic weight lifting movement that combines a front squat with a push press.  To complete a thruster, the athlete holds the barbell in a front rack position to complete the front squat and then immediately presses the barbell overhead just as with a push press. Thrusters can be performed […]

Developing a Strong Snatch

THE SNATCH The snatch is an exercise where the athlete lifts a barbell from the ground to overhead in one continuous motion. A unique difference between the snatch and other movements where the athlete must bring the barbell overhead, such as the strict press, push press, or push jerk, is that the athlete uses a […]

Down and Dirty with the Clean

THE CLEAN The clean is a complex full-body movement where the athlete lifts a barbell from the floor to their shoulders in one fluid movement. The clean requires great coordination and practice to effectively move fluidly through the movement while keeping proper form and utilizing the explosive power needed to lift the barbell properly. To […]

Proper Technique for the Push Jerk

THE PUSH JERK The push jerk is an Olympic lifting movement where the athlete holds the barbell in a front-rack position and then pushes the barbell up from the shoulders overhead. Different than a push press or strict press, the push jerk requires an additional bend in the knee while pushing the bar overhead, allowing […]

Pumped Up with the Push Press

THE PUSH PRESS The push press is an upper-body strengthening exercise where the athlete presses a barbell from shoulder-height to a locked-out position above head, and then lowers it back down to the shoulders. Similar to the strict press, the push press is considered a compound movement because it effectively works not only the shoulders, […]